01. Excuse me Joanne, but I really don't think your personal remarks concerning Ted's performance of his job are [pertinent] to our discussions here.
02. She has lots of skills, but they are not [pertinent] to the job she applied for.
03. Beatrice made some very [pertinent] remarks during our discussion.
04. All [pertinent] information should be forwarded to the appropriate person.
05. The sex of the applicant is not [pertinent] to our choice for the job.
06. The instructor included [pertinent] references to various books in his lecture on the development of the ethnic voice in English literature.
07. I'll have the secretary put any information which is [pertinent] to the project on your desk by this afternoon.
08. His [impertinent] questions angered everyone.
09. There are some [pertinent] facts which should be considered before any decision is made.
10. John has made some [pertinent] observations that I think could be helpful to our discussions.
11. The defendant's previous record is certainly [pertinent] to his sentencing for this latest crime.
12. Anyone having evidence which could be considered [pertinent] to the investigation are asked to phone the police.
13. I have highlighted any experience that I consider to be [pertinent] to the job on all the resumés we have received.
14. His data is especially [pertinent] now that a previous study has been shown to have been falsified.
15. Joseph Bronowski once said that the essence of science is to ask an impertinent question; then you are on the way to a [pertinent] answer.
16. The young man was asking [impertinent] questions of the teacher, and she began to get annoyed.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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